Honoring Leonard Nimoy


Brittany Cormier, Editor

Few celebrities have had such enduring influence on pop culture as the late Leonard Nimoy.  Nimoy was made famous by his role in Star Trek as the half-Vulcan first officer Spock over fifty years ago.

Since then, Nimoy’s name and face have remained well-known across the globe, and he has enjoyed life as a national icon for a very long time. In addition to several movies such as Three Men and a Baby and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but he also cameod on The Simpsons and the Big Bang Theory as himself.

Nimoy died of a chronic pulmonary obstructive disease on February 27th. There is currently no cure for the disease. He was 83 years old. He announced having the disease last year, which he contracted from 30 years of smoking. Nimoy encouraged his fans not to smoke, and that he regretted ever starting.

His last tweet, signed with Spock’s signature Live Long and Prosper, is particularly heartbreaking: