Why is Nashoba Flipping Out?

Rylee Gillen, Contributor

The commencement of December proves to be a crazy time of year for Nashoba students. There is a buzz in the air with eagerness for the nearing winter break, and an anticipation for the holidays. Most recently, there is an abundance of activity due to the start of winter sports. The excitement is even greater this year, as Nashoba has finally established its own gymnastics team. Combined with Marlboro and Tahanto, the Chieftains will be making their debut on the mat this upcoming winter sports season.

“I am very excited,” junior Haley Doyle said. “I’ve been in this school for three years and every year we have asked for a team. The administration never thought it was popular enough to have one, but finally enough people asked and the gymnastics team was formed.”

The creation of the team will allow students to compete competitively, while still enjoying themselves and the sport. Many athletes find themselves quitting gymnastics due to the demanding schedule and training regiments. Offered to both newbies and retired athletes alike, the school team provides a serious yet relaxed environment for participation of all skill levels.

“I was a gymnast when I was little and I loved it a lot, but it got complicated with school and everything, so I had to stop,” says Doyle. “I miss it a lot, so now that it’s part of school, it’s perfect!”

Like Doyle, junior Meagan McMaster experienced feelings of nostalgia she explains. “I wanted to join the school team because now I can still practice but it won’t have to be as intense – it’s  just fun.”

With a roster full of experienced athletes, the team is looking to have a great first season. And with no previous records from past years, this could be the start of an undefeated team.

“We have a lot of old gymnasts coming back,” admits Doyle. “They all have their skills  and  can get new ones, so I have a lot of hope.”

The first Nashoba gymnastics meet in history will be held on January 20th at Shrewsbury High School. The team’s full schedule can be viewed here.