Is Daisy Jones and the Six Worth Watching?

A new show has emerged that all Fleetwood Mac fans should certainly check out. In 2019, Taylor Jenkins Reid published her book Daisy Jones and the Six about a 1970s rock group that mysteriously fell apart after their album “Aurora.” The book is completely fictional but the author confirmed she loosely based the story on Fleetwood Mac drama. Even so, it’s important to remember Daisy Jones and the Six was essentially created in the imagination of Taylor Reid.

Daisy Jones and the Six is a fictional band, not a Fleetwood Mac replica. The show switches back and forth between the past and present but mainly focuses on the past. Each episode is about 50-60 minutes long and two new episodes come out every Friday. As of March 20th, there are 8 episodes out on Prime Video and it’s definitely worth the watch.

The book and show are organized as interviews done by the daughter of one of the members. This idea is seemingly wholesome, but the member happens to be Billy Dunne, who was quite the womanizer in the 70s and was rumored to be in an affair with the other lead- Daisy Jones. We especially see Fleetwood Mac’s inspiration in this character. It’s clear she’s based on Stevie Nicks with her powerful attitude, fabulous concert outfits, and her unfortunate substance abuse problems.

Some Fleetwood Mac fans took offense to this show because they thought it was actually about Fleetwood Mac. Others felt that “Aurora” didn’t match the level of impact that Rumors (Fleetwood Mac’s hit album) had and that it was too modern. It does have a certain modern sound to it but that real organic 70’s sound shouldn’t/couldn’t be recreated.  With the guitar solos and swampy (as Daisy Jones calls it) sound, it undoubtedly has some awesome 70s elements.

No album can compare to Rumors. Of course, there are albums that may be more musically inclined but no album will ever be the same. Nonetheless, the soundtrack from the show is certainly worth a listen. My personal favorites from the album are “Regret Me” and “You Were Gone.” Regret Me is a bold catchy tune about not giving someone the satisfaction of you missing them because you regret them just as much as they regret you. One of the best parts of the song is the way Daisy says “dude,” it’s the perfect amount of passive-aggressive.

“You Were Gone” is about the conflict that one feels at the end of a close friendship or relationship. You’re unsure where to go, who to talk to, and how to move on. This is such a tragic moment in your life because you want to go to someone for help, but that person is the person you lost. The tragedy is often the greatest fuel for marvelous creations, proven so by Daisy Jones and the Six.

If you like rock n roll, Fleetwood Mac, or drama TV shows- I most definitely recommend that you watch this show. It’s musically inspiring and comedic, it’s sad but it’s real. You’ll definitely want to get comfortable with some snacks and watch Daisy Jones and the Six this Friday.