The People’s Champ: The Soon to be Album of the Summer

If you’re familiar with the upbeat style and bright flow of previous Quinn XCII albums you’ll be delighted to hear that he’s back at it again providing the vibes that will no doubt become the album of the summer – released in January.

To give you some context, Quinn XCII (Mikael Temrowski) has been releasing music for 8 years, his albums include, Blooms (2016), The Story Of Us (2017), From Michigan With Love (2019), Letter To My Younger Self (2020), Change of Scenery II (2021), and now The People’s Champ (2023). Notable songs throughout his career include Straightjacket, Stacy, and Stay Next to Me (feat. Chelsea Cutler). With this new album, these songs are bound to become as well listened to as his previous songs.

Rather than planning a trip and strategically setting aside time in his life to building his 6th project in 7 years, Quinn XCII, channeled a low-stress vibe to produce a pop-infused collection of songs that you can sing along to with the windows down. In an interview with POPDUST, Quinn XCII described that “the goal was to make an album that didn’t have much of a concept to it [he] just wanted to make music just to make music.” The cheerful songs reflect the attitude Quinn had when going into the writing process: “I was trying to make an album about just being I guess like not trying to become.”

The 33-minute runtime provides a consumable and well-paced product that keeps you hooked from the beginning to the end. The album features a variety of artists that perfectly complement Quinn’s style and sound ranging from Big Sean and Adrian Cota to ADJ and Chelsea Cutler. With Cutler taking part in the fun you’re bound to have a good time listening, as Quinn and Chelsea have teamed up multiple times before this album. As for album rollout, Quinn released 4 singles before dropping the full project on January 27th; Backpack, Common (feat. Big Sean), Let Me Down (feat. Chelsea Cutler), and Lows.

If you’re looking to check out the album my recommendation is to listen to it all in one go without shuffling. I enjoyed the album entirely; however, the songs that stood out to me and I particularly enjoyed were Bartender, Let Me Down (feat. Chelsea Cutler), Too Late (feat. AJR), and Lows. This album is a bundle of joy and good vibes that will lighten your day every time you listen to it!