Album Review – Sanguisuggabogg “Homicidal Ecstacy”

Rising Death Metal titans “Sanguisuggabogg” make a crushing return with their sophomore studio LP Homicidal Ecstasy.  The album features 12 tracks with a 45 minute run time.  Releasing their first single “Pissed” on November 15th 2022 it set an aggressive tone for the upcoming album with the song breaking 75,000 streams within 24 hours of its release. 

“Homicidal Ecstasy” was released through Century Media Records on February 3rd 2023 and is already proving to be their greatest work yet.  With Vocalist Aaron Heard (Jesus Piece) featured on the album on track “Face ripped off,” there was no doubt this album was going to  be a success but no one could predict the level of brutal technicality that came along with its release.  Many people have been utterly shocked and impressed with Cody Davidsons drumming in the album with many off-time fills and technical beatdown grooves, rapid fire blasts and punk style beats in songs like “Feening for Bloodshed” and “Proclamation of the Frail.” When the guitars speed up, Cody matches them with an unparalleled fill, and when the guitars slow down, Cody does as well bringing in a stanky beatdown groove.  

This album also featured the debut of guitarist Cedrik Davis becoming an official member of the band writing some of the chuggiest and gut wrenching riffs we’ve heard since their early days on their debut album “Tortured Whole.”  When it comes to vocal performance, no one can compare to the low growls and crazy gutturals sung by vocalist Devin Swank.  The album’s opening track, “Black Market Vasectomy,” wastes no time in diving straight into the action opening with a strong riff + drum hook straight into the meat of the song. 

The album continues with some amazing tracks such as “Testicular Rot,” “Hungry for your insides,” and “Skin cushion.”  Most modern death metal albums have lyricism focused on grotesque imagery and themes of death but the band’s self aware goofy side came out in this album with more millenial/gen Z humor amongst lyrics in the album.  One song in particular, “Mortal Admonishment,” shows vocalist Devin Swank talking about the recent passing of his mother and how the grieving process made him feel inside and out.  

Other songs such as “A lesson in Savagery” focus on more cranked snare hits and chuggy bass tones with some technical riffage throughout.  “Homicidal Ecstasy” aimed to give a more groovy and danceable feel to modern death metal instead of being primarily focused on fast blast beats and repetitive riffs, Sanguisuggabogg expands on their riffage with many mid-tempo riffs that progress throughout the song.  Cedrik strikes a happy medium between rawness and precision giving the guitar that mix of an early 90’s death metal feel while incorporating more modern and technical elements all while staying in a steady drop G tuning.  

This album should be a standing example for modern caveman death metal for years to come with punchy riffs and unmatchable drumming and vocal performances. It brings a fusion with the band’s humor to its barbaric brutality.