What to Watch- Seal Team

Eric Schmidt, contributor

For this final article I’m going to  be doing another show called Seal Team. There is also a 4 hour movie that is very similar to the show. But for the article, I will be mainly focused on the tv series. 

The show is pretty much about the seal team going on different missions. There are some pretty crazy moments that are shown. The scenes are really entertaining and it kind of looks like you’re watching a video game. Some parts of the show are animated, such as some of the fighting scenes.  This show has been on since 2017 and they are still making a lot of episodes currently. 

This is a good series to watch when maybe you’re bored of whatever else you’re watching. I’m not too sure if I could only watch this show and keep watching it for a while; I kind of need to break it up and mix it up with something else in between. But this show is really entertaining to watch and packed with action. 

If you’re looking for something based in reality, then this definitely wouldn’t be your best choice. The scenes are pretty unrealistic and are similar to  Call of Duty, but that’s what makes it entertaining. Some shows are too realistic and they can get boring quickly.  This show is really good and has a lot of action in it and there are 7 seasons so there is a ton to watch. 

There are some good actors in the show and they do a pretty good job in their parts. Some of the scenes are pretty crazy so it takes some really good acting to be able to do those scenes. The movie is really good as well,  but it’s a really long movie so I would prefer to watch the show. It also gives you a lot more to watch in the long run. There are definitely more than 4 hours worth of episodes so, if you have nothing to do, then I would give Seal Team a try. 

I haven’t seen all the episodes or seasons yet but I would rate this 7/10 because the show has a really good storyline and it is super action packed. I enjoy watching shows and movies about war and this is one of the best shows I’ve seen. It’s not a realistic show about war, but easily one of the most entertaining and action packed ones.