What to Watch: The Patient

This week’s show to watch is called The Patient, streaming on Hulu. This show is pretty new and one of my favorites so far.  It is about some guy that is a psychopath and he, for some reason, can’t stop hurting people. So he goes to this therapist’s house and tells him many lies about what’s going on. He later returns and captures the therapist to take him back to his house and chain him up. The therapist wakes up several hours later confused about where he is. Then the psycho guy comes out of nowhere and starts talking to him. The therapist is obviously confused and terrified with what’s going on and is freaking out. He reveals his true problem to the therapist and it makes the setting a lot worse and scarier. The antagonist  always walks around yelling and getting super angry so I would  be super scared too. There is a crazy and unexpected end to the show so start watching the show to find out what happens next. 

The actors in The Patient   are really good and that’s probably why I like the show so much. Steve Carrel plays the role of the therapist and he does a really good job at his part.  Domhnall Gleeson plays the role of the psychopath and he also does really well. His acting is so amazing that it kind of scares you when you’re watching. It’s also crazy to see someone act like that and hold their role for so long.  That is probably one of my favorite aspects of the show, the plot is also really good as well. 

There is only one season of the show currently and I’m not too sure if they’re making more yet. But it’s a great show to start watching because it’s really new and trending right now, and everyone else is currently starting the show. There are not too many episodes either,  but they are pretty short and full of ads, so that’s kind of a downside.. But I would definitely still recommend watching the show. 

This show has a rating of 4 stars overall. I would rate this show a good 4.8 stars because the actors are overall amazing but the episodes are on the shorter side and there are a couple ads each episode. 

So I would give this show a look and I bet you’re going  like it within the first episode, and want to watch more. This show is probably better to watch with friends or even family because I feel like that’s more entertaining. So check out The Patient   and I’ll be back with another show/ movie next time.