Why Panera Is the Best Fast Food Restaurant

Grace Glover, Contributor

Why is Panera the smartest and best choice for your takeout/fast food meal? Lemme tell ya! Panera is a cheap and easy option to satisfy your hunger as well as the healthiest fast food restaurant around. Let me walk you through the reasoning behind why Panera should always be your number one choice.

Panera has a wide variety of choices. They have soup, salad, sandwiches, and a yummy bakery. To wash it all down, they recently came out with a charged lemonade coming in many flavors. Charged lemonade is a caffeinated lemonade that comes in Fuji Apple Cranberry, Strawberry Lemon Mint, and Mango Citrus. The Mango citrus is my personal favorite because it’s sweet but also a little bit sour, giving my taste buds a nice treat, as well as not being too much of one thing.

My go-to meal is the You-Pick-Two, which is the option to get either a soup, sandwich, mac n cheese, and salad as any two combo. I get a Greek salad with mac n cheese and a French baguette as my side. The sides are either chips, bread (French baguette), or apple. Here, I’ll say my order rapid fire, it’s practically muscle memory at this point: “Hi, can I please have the you pick two with Greek salad and mac n cheese with bread on the side, as well as a large drink please.” I grab my cup and buzz thing that lets me know when my meal is ready and fill my cup up with Mango Citrus Charged Lemonade. I grab a seat and wait for my buzzer to buzz!

Panera has a great atmosphere. It has bright lighting, but instead of the silver luminescent-sterilized light, it’s the warm yellow tint that makes it so homey. The seats are so comfortable and the workers are very friendly. It’s a great place to grab lunch with your friends, Grandmother, or anyone else. The next time you find yourself hungry, either at home or out and about, think about Panera Bread’s awesome qualities and go fill your belly there!