Candy or Costumes: A Halloween Debacle

According to the National Retail Federation, this year Americans will spend an incredible $10.6 billion dollars on Halloween related items, up from the $10.1 billion spent in 2021. People of all ages enjoy festive Halloween activities. Whether you’re trick or treating in a brightly colored superhero costume or going to a festive party in a more sophisticated get-up, most avenues require the spending of at least a small amount of money. Even if you are one of the creative geniuses capable of whipping up a spectacular costume from random items around the house, you are likely to buy a Halloween treat for yourself or a basket of candy for your younger next door neighbors. Maybe you will purchase a ticket to see the latest and greatest spooky movie or an intricate scary setup to scare any passersby. But what specifically are Halloween consumers spending their money on? 

According to the NRF (National Retail Federation) costumes are the largest part of total Halloween spending with an estimated 2.9 billion being spent this year in the United States. Each consumer will spend $100 on average for costumes, candy, decorations, and greeting cards.

In order to determine what consumers are most excited about and therefore willing to spend their money on, The Regional asked students and staff at NRSD if they were more excited about buying a  spectacular get-up or scrumptious treat. Of the twenty people surveyed, twelve voted for costumes and eight for Halloween candy.

Although it is all well and good to spend some cash on Halloween festivities, let’s look at ways to limit our consumerism during this spooky season. Try satisfying a craving for a yummy fall treat by baking delicious cookies at home rather than buying some orange frosted Halloween cookies for twice the price at the store. Thrift a trendy Halloween costume or shoot your friends a text to see if they have an item that could be useful. Try racking up the grocery coupons prior to the season to save on candy, or better yet, buy in bulk out of season to save a little extra. Have a fun night in with good snacks and a scary movie rather than going out to the theaters.

Either way, as we try to be conscious and limit consumerism this spooky season, don’t forget to stay safe and have a splendid time.