Why You Should Watch Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai is one of my favorite shows to watch on Netflix. It has 4 seasons at the moment and they are most likely going to make more. This is the perfect show to watch if you like action shows/ karate and it also has its fair share of funny moments, so I’d also consider it a comedy. 

Cobra Kai has a really good story starting with a shy kid that gets bullied a lot and comes to the sensei for some help defending himself. He progresses throughout the show and gets a lot stronger. Most of the actors are also the original actors from the movie, The Karate Kid, such as William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence), Ralph Macchio (Daniel Larusso) and Martin Kove (John Kreese). There are also many more actors from the old show and they keep on bringing back more and more each season. There are a few great new teen actors featured throughout the show as well. The main character is named Miguel Diaz, played by Xolo Maridueña; he plays a shy kid that needs help to defend himself from his bullies. 

This is probably my favorite show to watch because of the storyline, the action, and the comedy. The show is so good that I have re-watched a couple of seasons waiting for another season to come out. 

I would give the show a 5/5 rating because I don’t really watch too much tv but this show had me hooked and I couldn’t seem to stop watching it.