Is Crumbl Cookies worth the money?

Each week this popular business comes out with new and interesting cookie flavors that intrigue many high schoolers. Last week I went to Crumbl in Methuen MA and decided to see what everyone was raving about. 

The four new flavors last week were; twix, bubble gum, peanut butter cup, and rice krispy. They offer two constant flavors which are milk chocolate and classic sugar. 

The twix cookie was served chilled with a sugar cookie base. A layer of caramel, milk chocolate, and a real mini twix were on top. Personally, I prefer when the cookies are served warm as they then will melt into your mouth instantly. The cookie was overall super delicious. The caramel layer was a bit thick and it made the cookie a lot sweeter. This cookie would have paired great with a glass of milk. 

Although the bubble gum flavor cookie may seem deceiving, it was surprisingly very delicious. It tasted just like the first chew of a  newly unwrapped piece of bubble gum. It was a warm vanilla sugar cookie topped with a mellow bubble gum pink frosting, white sprinkles, and a real bubble gum piece on top. The cookie was  served warm, making it ten times better. 

The peanut butter cup cookie is to die for. It is a peanut butter cookie topped with melty peanut butter chips and chopped Reese’s peanut butter cups. I may be biased as peanut butter is one of my favorite foods, but I  have heard from many other people that this cookie is their favorite. Right as you pick it up it crumbles into your hand with the gooey peanut butter and chocolate soaking into the cookie. Just as the twix cookie, this would pair well with a glass of milk. 

We all know and love a classic rice krispy treat. Now take that and put it in cookie form. Delicious, right? Wrong! This cookie was okay, but not what I expected it to taste like. It was more plastic tasting than buttery. I think the issue was that this cookie was served chilled. It would have been much better warm as the marshmallow and butter would stand out more.   

Overall I believe Crumbl is worth the money. The cookies are amazing as long as you go on a week that features the flavors that interest you. You can go on their website to see the new cookie flavors, which are posted every Monday.