Food Review- The Vegan Nest

There are very few restaurants in our surrounding towns, let alone places that cater to people who chose to live a vegan lifestyle.  A new restaurant on High Street in Clinton, Massachusetts has opened and it is called The Vegan Nest. This is a totally plant based restaurant that is open Sunday through Thursday 11am – 7pm and Friday 11am – 2pm.

Offering breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus, The Vegan Nest has a plethora of food options while maintaining clean vegan standards. With everything from pancakes and waffles to sandwiches and paninis, if you are looking for a fully vegan restaurant with a huge variety of dishes, The Vegan Nest is the place to be. 

When  you walk in, you are greeted by bright blue walls, warm lighting, and gracious staff. The vibe is extremely welcoming and homey. The staff is helpful with everything from menu questions to personal recommendations, making the overall experience extremely comfortable and enjoyable.

If you are unsure about what to order, just ask for help! I went for the  spinach and artichoke panini, made with 100% organic spinach, artichoke, and 100% organic cashew mozzarella. I had never had a non-dairy cheese substitute before; however, the organic ingredients made it delicious! The freshness of the veggies, the nuttiness of the cheese and the warm bread all went really well together.  

The prices are totally affordable for these high grade meals, ranging from 10 to 15 dollars.  Whether you live vegan, or if you just want to try something new, The Vegan Nest is a place to go!