Baseball: The Game of Streaks

Beckett Storey, Contributor

Boston MA – Entering the final stretch of the 2021 MLB season things were looking down for the RED Sox. After reaching the All Star Break leading the AL East division with a record of 55-36, they had a massive collapse leading to them being overtaken by the Yankees and current division leading Rays. 

By September 24th the Sox were in second place, firmly in the hold of hosting the wild card game. In the past 10 games they were 8-2. They had just finished a quick two game sweep of the New York Mets where the latter game saw new Sox slugger Kyle Schwarber hit two home runs and pick up 4 RBIs. 

The caveat to all this winning? For the past two series, the Sox have been rocking their bright yellow City Connect Uniforms. Fans have had mixed reactions to the baby blue scripted jerseys, but baseball is a game of superstition. When you win five straight in a certain jersey, you wear them until you lose. Well, all streaks come to an end and so do yellow uniforms. 

Going into Wednesday night, the BoSox have now lost four straight, including a gut wrenching loss to the Orioles in Baltimore. This perpetuates what all baseball fans know; Baseball is a game of streak, hot or cold, and losing four in a row with five games remaining in the season does not bode well. 

That said, there is still a better than good chance Boston makes one of the two wild card spots, but they need to win out to do so. As for what we do heading into next season? Boston needs to keep this core intact. The offense has been better than good but pitching has been underwhelming in the second half. Before the all star break, the team bullpen ERA of many regulars was sub 3.00, now it’s ballooned to over 6.00. Lets just hope they can make it to the postseason.