Nashoba Varsity Lacrosse takes on Littleton


Sarah Newton, Editor

The Nashoba Boys Varsity Lacrosse team took on Littleton High School on Tuesday, April 24th. The boys played a tough game, but just came a little short of a win, with a final score of 9-8 in overtime. A contributing factor to their loss was the absence of their main starter, number 8 Anders Fish, who was attending the DECA National Competition in Atlanta, Georgia.

The game started with two unanswered goals from Littleton, which were followed by a goal from number 5, junior, Rory Boots. The beautiful play of Boots back handed the ball into the net after running through Littleton’s defense. There was great passing between number 1 ,Bryce Chaput, and Rory Boots leading to a goal by number 12, sophomore, Sam Vanesse, with assistance of Chaput. This play tied the game up at 2-2 for most of the second quarter. The second quarter started off with a goal by Littleton, followed by a great okay from Chaput, where he put a ball into the back of the net. Number 14, junior, Luke McConnell and number 3, junior, Evan Doig made a great play cradling the ball up the field leading to Doig putting another point on the board for the Chieftains. The play tied the scores once again at 4-4. Before the end of the second, the Cheiftains managed to put another point on the board and end the third on top with the score being 5-4. Chaput was assisted by McConnell, as he was under a lot of pressure and threw the ball into the net as he took a dive into the ground.

Littleton took the third quarter back under control scoring two goals, putting them on top with a score of 6-5. Number 26, Graham Chapman, tied the game to make it 6-6. Littleton put themselces back on top however ending the third at 7-6. Number 7, senior, Bennet MacGregor scored the first goal in the fourth quarter, which was followed by a quick response from Littleton. The game seemed to be over for the Chieftains until Boots put another goal into the net with seconds left in the game. The second half of the game ended with a score of 8-8 bringing the teams into overtime. Both teams put their all forward in overtime, but the Lions put a great shot into the back of the net ending the game 9-8.

Nashoba goalie number 4 Kam Gilchrest had many outstanding plays throughout this game, helping keep Nashoba neck and neck with the Littleton Lions. The Lions were taking shots left and right and Gilchrest even had the opponents fan applauding him on his saves. There were also many impressive plays from midfielder, number 3, Evan Doig. He made multiple crucial plays to help the team put a few balls in the net past the Littleton goalie.