Garrapolo traded, Brady left with no Backup

Alyssa Curran, Contributor

On Tuesday October 31st, the Patriots announced that back up quarterback for “G.O.A.T”, Tom Brady, Jimmy Garrapolo has been drafted to the San Francisco 49ers. The Pats were facing a tough situation in which they would be losing Brady (due to his age of 41) and Garappolo who headed into the 2018 season with a free contract as a backup with a market searching for anything average or above that. Brady has done an amazing job over the the seventeen years he has been with the Patriots, but there’s nothing he can do with the type of offer Garrapolo will receive from “someone”- that someone being the 49ers.

Brady said about his former teammate, “He was a great teammate and a great friend. Always will be… I mean, he’s put in all the effort. I’ve watched him for the three and half years and really enjoyed working with him and hopefully he goes on and does a great job.” Although Brady said he will be sad to see him go, he supports him in his decision and wishes Garrapolo the best.

So, why were the 49ers so crazy to trade Garrapolo? Many envied the pats “tough situation” of having a back up almost as good as the G.O.A.T. Although Garrapolo has seen very little action, when he played during Brady’s deflate gate suspension he proved a lot of people wrong. During that short stretch of play he showed 24 of 33 completion passes, 264 yards, and one touchdown in a victory over Arizona. Week 2 against Miami in another win he proved 18 of 26 passes for 232 yards and three touchdowns. Garrapolo definitely showed he was a strong player and he shows strong potential for the next part of his football journey with the 49ers.

As for the Patriots, with a loss of their one and only backup quarterback, they aren’t too worried about the loss. They have suffered only two losses with Brady during this season, which puts many at ease. We wish Garrapolo luck with his future endeavors with the 49ers!