Hole in The Wall: Sandee’s


Sandee’s is a diner located at 162 Main St, Lancaster, MA 01523. They are located right up the road from Micheal’s Bridge Diner, also located in Lancaster. They are open from Saturday through Tuesday form 7 am- 3 pm and Wednesday through Friday 7 am-8 pm.

They serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch, and recently added dinner. They have all the breakfast items that one could want for breakfast, including pancakes, omelets, waffles, hash browns, home fries and so much more. For dinner they offer options such as chicken and eggplant Parmesan, hamburgers, and meatloaf. They also have sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, and seafood. The drinks they serve include juice, water, milk, coffee, and sodas.

One pleased customer on yelp said, “Don’t ever judge a book by its cover…  inside it’s another world. Nothing fancy but comfortable big booths and tables. Friendly waitstaff surpasses your expectations, and food that’s out of this world!” More recently their reviews have been full of positive comments compared to when they were first getting on their feet. When the diner was first taking off, people pointed out a lot of negatives, though they have now retracted their opinions since the diner altered their approach to the way they serve.

The restaurant is a welcoming and friendly environment where you can walk right in and take seat yourself. You can sit at one of the booths, tables or counters. The wait staff is attentive and they serve with a friendly smile. Though the parking is limited and some may end up parking along the street, it is worth the slight inconvenience for great food and service.