Hole In The Wall: Ariba Coffee


Emma Olsen, Contributer

On Hudson Main Street, next to the Donahue’s Driving School classroom, where so many Nashoba students have learned to drive, is an outstanding coffee shop called Ariba Coffee. At first glance, the Ariba sign reminds one of Starbucks logo with its green and white lettering in the same font as the Starbucks sign, but the Ariba prices are lower and quality, homemade breakfast food is of better quality than the famous chain coffee shop.

When you walk into Ariba, you are instantly hit with a wave of calm. It’s a quiet, cozy space with plenty of tables and a section with a fireplace and some comfortable couches where you can find people on conference calls, reading, or working on homework on any given day. There’s a few lamps and plants carefully placed around the space that makes you instantly feel at home. It is a quiet, comfortable place to have a cup of coffee or tea and do some work. And many graduates of the Donahue’s driving program remember all too well waiting nervously in Ariba after taking your test on the final day of classes.  

There is free wifi at the cafe as well, as many different options to satisfy your cravings for coffee, ice cream, or breakfast food any day of the week. They also have delicious menu items such as paninis, egg sandwiches, and waffles. The cafe has much lower prices than its competitor down the street, Cafe 641 with Ariba asking for $3.30 for a vanilla latte and Cafe 641 asking for $5. This, combined with the calming atmosphere makes Ariba an ideal place to get some food.

Plenty of Nashoba students remember Ariba from their Donahue’s days, but few have returned back to this special little cafe. If you’re looking for a place other than Dunkin’s to get your coffee fix, or if you’re in need of a quiet, comfortable place to do homework, head on down to Ariba Coffee at 246 Main Street in Hudson. They are open until 6:00 PM every day of the week.