Massive Marijuana Drug Bust in Clinton, Massachusetts

Massive Marijuana Drug Bust in Clinton, Massachusetts

Grace Keith, Contributor

On Tuesday, October 17th at 9:40 am, a major drug operation hidden in plain sight in Clinton, Massachusetts was busted by the DEA, local police, and the Worcester County Drug Task Force. The property, housing approximately 6 million dollars (street value) of marijuana, is located at 843 Main Street in Clinton, Massachusetts. It includes a single-family residence attached to an 8,000 square-foot single story warehouse.

Police arrested those in charge of the drug operation with no trouble. There were reportedly were no firearms located on the property. According to the Telegram, police arrested “Sean P. Matt, 29, who gave his address as 1 Dowlwood Road, Worcester, and Thomas R. Laverty, 37, of 843 Main St., Clinton.” These two men were charged with manufacturing, distributing, and dispensing marijuana, as well as conspiracy to violate the controlled substance act. Officers confiscated 1,029 marijuana plants, weighing approximately 2,200 lbs. They were arranged in Clinton District Court Wednesday and held on $100,000 bail.

The search warrant served was initiated by an ongoing investigation by the DEA of an indoor, commercial marijuana growing operation. According to, police referred to the operation as extremely sophisticated.

Reportedly, the warehouse contained air-circulating machines, irrigation systems, plant food, indoor plant lighting, and more than 1,000 marijuana plants. states that police also, “seized an undisclosed amount of cash and three motor vehicles.”