Recent Changes, Effect Student Study Hall

Recent Changes, Effect Student Study Hall

Victoria Tuttle, Sports Editor

A recent opinion article about the media center has brought a lot of discussion among both faculty and student body. In the article it was stated that some of the policies at the media center seemed harsh and some of the rules did not appear to be fair. After a meeting about this process with Mrs. Landry, the librarian,  it has become clear that space and technology might be the real issue,  not necessarily  the polices of the media center.

Mrs. Landry commented ” we DID lose space this year in the library: “This summer the media center added classrooms to the back area, causing it to have less space. This decision was made at a district and building administration level. As a result, yes, we needed to set limits on the number of study hall students in the library at a given time. Not only was library space eliminated, a library assistant position was [also]eliminated”

This brings us to a bigger question than just the media center, it brings us to space issues. The media center does lack space to accommodate all students who may need its resources and the cafeteria is not a student friendly place to learn either as the excessive noise and openness of the area detract from effective  study time. Where can students go?

Not only does the cafeteria lack an appropriate environment for studying, but it lacks resources such  as technology for juniors and seniors. This year is the second year of the district’s Chromebook initiative that benefits the class of 2020 (sophomores) and class of 2021 (freshman). Juniors and Seniors do not have the 24 hour  access to technology which adds to the ineffectiveness of the the cafeteria  for the upperclassman. Addressing this issue would be beneficial for these 500 student.

Perhaps a student body and administration committee can work towards a solution to this problem.