North California Devastated by Wildfires


Grace Fiori, Editor

Starting on Sunday night, 17 different wildfires spread across 8 counties in northern California, damaging almost 115,000 acres. The fires ruined over 1,500 buildings and homes, and sent more than 100 people to the hospital by Tuesday morning. Shelters have already been set up, with almost 20,000 evacuees fleeing from their homes.

The fires that started on Sunday came from winds at 79 mph and dry weather conditions, as of right now even though winds have died down to 40 mph, no rain is predicted to come soon.

Already the fires have been labeled some of the worst in California’s history, the largest blaze being the Tubbs fire, reported by CNN to have “reduced cars and homes in burnt piles of ash and rubble in Santa Rosa”. Alone, the fire had burned 28,000 acres.

Thankfully, aid has come to the areas affected with a major outpouring of volunteers and donations to those affected by the fire. The White House also approved a major disaster declaration and gave fire management assistance to California for relief efforts.

For those who want to help, Greg Kepferle, CEO of the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, said the best way to be of help is sending cash donations to trusted nonprofit organizations for relief efforts.