An Update on the Las Vegas Shooting

The shooting that occurred in Las Vegas late Sunday night rocked the United States, but the shooter’s motives remain unclear. The shooting claimed 58 lives and injured over 500 people, leaving many people wondering about the motives behind the devastating attack. That answer still remains elusive, as the shooter is believed to have killed himself before police entered his room, but other information has been uncovered.

Investigation has shown that Stephen Paddock actually checked into the Mandalay Bay Resort on September 25th, and then moved hotel rooms before carrying out the attack. It has been revealed that Paddock shot a security guard in the hallway of the Mandalay Bay Resorts 6 minutes before he opened fire onto the country music festival. He sighted the guard through the security cameras he had set up around his room and in the hallway. The guard, who was responding to an open door on the floor, was shot in the thigh.

The shooter’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, has been questioned extensively on a number of subjects surrounding the attack, and she said she had not worried over his mental health. She had been in the Philippines at the time of the attack, a trip that Paddock has been said to have payed for. She remains firm that she had no knowledge of the attack, and said that she never had any reason to think that Paddock would commit any harm against people. Danley is currently on the TSA watch list and has not been cleared on any wrongdoings as of yet.

After the attack took place ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which is the deadliest shooting to take place in America. According to Business Insider, ISIS released a newsletter claiming that Paddock had “converted to Islam six months ago,” a statement which has not been proven. No connections have been made yet between Paddock and the terrorist group.

There were rumors flying that Paddock had been considering Boston as a potential target for his attack. The Boston Police Department released a statement, saying, “We are aware of the media reports referencing a Boston connection to the Las Vegas mass shooting incident… There is currently no known threat to the Metro Boston Homeland Security Region related to this incident.”

In the aftermath of the attack, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said, “In the spirit of the safety of this community or anywhere else in the United States I think it’s important to provide that information, but I don’t have it.” This lack of information surrounding the motives of the shooter frustrate many, especially because they are still no closer to finding one. Agents are looking into Paddock’s mental state at the timer of the attack, but not much could be found. He was prescribed an anti-anxiety medication by a doctor in June, but no other doctors or medication have been located. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the Sheriff also said, “You’re never going to get me to say that somebody dropped the ball… I don’t believe that happened. I think everybody did a fantastic job”.

According to the Independent, “A dozen bump stocks which allow a semi-automatic weapon to fire with the speed of an automatic weapon” were found in Paddock’s room. ABC reported that a total of 47 guns had been found in the shooter’s hotel room and his 2 homes. The guns were bought in Nevada, California, Utah and Texas.

Unfortunately, authorities are still no closer to finding a motive behind the devastating attack. Referring to Paddock’s possible motives, Lombardo stated “We may never know… All those things that you would expect to find, we have not found.”