Boston Fashion Week Opening Night


Models for Ruby Mac Fashion

Katie Coen, Contributor

On the night of Sunday, October 3, Boston Fashion Week held it’s kick off event. In a bar/cafe on Tremont Street in Boston, fashion lovers and journalists alike joined for the opening of the 2017 week full of fashion. This night focused on what the founder of fashion week called, “The 17” or the top new designers of 2017.

The very beginning of the event was more of a cocktail hour and The Chieftain Press waited for the presentation to start…

At the time of the presentation, guests were escorted into a small room to watch a short film made about all the 18 designers. The film  and the digital magazine can be seen on the official Boston Fashion Week website. The Boston Fashion Week director, Jay Calderin made a short speech focusing on the wealth of style. He believes that Boston has an abundance of talent, even though it is looked at as a small fashion location. Calderin also spoke about the connection from the designer to the client. At this event, designers were able to have conversations about their lives and collections with the average person. As the Chieftain Press learned at the press conference we attended last week, Boston likes a variety of different formats. Calderin explained this by talking about the minimal runway shows that are happening during the week. 

After leaving the presentation, the models and designers were in a designated spot of the restaurant. Lines of people waited to see their models showing off their latest collections. The Chieftain Press got to talk to a few of “The 17”.

Sydney Siagel, one of the 17+ designers, told us a little bit about her background. She said that she quit her job 4 years ago and bought a sewing machine for the first time in her life. Her life had involved fashion since she could remember, dressing up as a kid. She also explained that her designs are somewhat inspired by dance because of her history with the art of dancing. She went on to discuss her thoughts about Boston. Siagel believes, along many others, that Boston is a very inclusive environment, and is very supportive of fashion.

Sydney and one of her models (both wearing her designs)

Another designer, Ruby McAloon, talked to us and told us that she loves all her looks equally. “I love the old, but I also love the new looks I have made” she says. Ruby, owner of Ruby Mac Fashion, conveyed that her biggest achievement so far in her career was being on Project Runway Junior, which aired last December. Ruby also feels that Boston is very supportive of the fashion world.

Ruby and one of her models (both wearing her designs)

At the end of the night, the opening event of Boston Fashion Week 2017 came to a close. There is much more Fashion Week news to come this week. Stay on top of all the special events with the Chieftain Press or go to – and check out their calendar of events.