Mount Agung Eruption


Mother Nature is continuing on her path of destruction. Hurricanes have been pounding the western hemisphere, four hurricanes have hit in four weeks, each have been a high category storm, either stage four or five. Now, Bali is experiencing extreme natural disasters as well. The volcano Mount Agung poses as a threat for the Southeastern Pacific. Mount Agung is believed to erupt soon for the first time in fifty four years, causing disruption, damage, and panic.

Mount Agung is located in Bali, a province in Indonesia on the eastern coast of the island. Mount Agung is the tallest point on the island, meaning the eruption would devastate a majority of the land.

Many Bali citizens have evacuated in preparation for the volcano, Mount Agung. The volcano is in “critical phase”, and an eruption could happen at any moment. According to BBC News, the volcano had over 500 tremors on Monday alone.

Citizens of Bali believe that natural disasters like these are signs from the gods that represent the gods’ anger. The people who believe this have decided to stay put, despite being in a danger zone, in hopes that a priest will aid them. The government is asking the citizens to leave their villages, and move to “sister villages”. These “sister villages” are neighbors of the danger zones, and holding many evacuees in preparation for the volcano.  

Another major concern concerns animals on farms and in zoos. Many people are asking for release or evacuation of the animals for their own safety.

Tourists in the area are still able to fly out, however flights in countries like Great Britain, Australia and Singapore are advising travelers to reconsider their flights to Bali.

Mount Agung is one of hundred of active volcanoes in the Pacific “Ring of Fire”. Agung last erupted in 1963, killing more than 1,000 people, and the east-side of the island of Bali is keen on reacting to the volcano sooner rather than later.

The volcano would be extremely detrimental to the island of Bali and people from all over are grieving and sympathizing with the victims of these disasters, as hundreds of thousands of Balians evacuate their homes.


Picture Courtesy of ABC