2018 Class Shows School Spirit

Alyssa Curran


Everyone knows that each year it is the seniors’ responsibility to step up and show the underclassman, especially the freshman, how things are done.  If you aren’t cheering at a football game or wearing green, do you even go to Nashoba? But really, the Seniors are the mentors and leaders of the school, so it is their job to step up their responsibility game at the same time. The Class of 2018 is definitely a special one; the spirit, enthusiasm, and kindness the class has brought not only to start off this school year but over the past three school years is incredible. If you attended the first football game of the year on Friday, September 8th, you got a sneak peak of the roaring crowd that was led by this year’s seniors. Decked out for the beach, the 2018 class showed up to root for our school in the best way possible. Our spirit captains this year even ran up and down the bleachers all the way back to the freshman to make sure everyone was cheering. That was definitely one of the most spirited games Nashoba has had in awhile. Come to another home game soon feel the excitement!

This year’s senior class has not only had a huge contributing role in our sports games so far, but many are members of the Best Buddies organization here at Nashoba. The presidents are Mckenna Hennigan and Emily Routhier, both members of the 2018 class. Catch Zach Murphy sitting at a table full of seniors at lunch or any of the buddies hanging out with the seniors. The senior class has already been so involved with Best Buddies; our hopes are to continue through the end of the school year by attending events for the club!

The senior class this year has also already stepped up in responsibility and as role models to our underclassman here at Nashoba.  The week before school started, upperclassman had the opportunity to volunteer at the New Chieftain Day where they gave tours around Nashoba and answered any questions the freshmen had before they began their time here. The dedication and time that students took from their summer really showed their pride in Nashoba and it was a great way to begin their roles as leaders in the school. Overall the Class of 2018 has had a great first impression as seniors. Come catch a game, come to a Best Buddies meeting or any other school event and you will be welcomed by some great Seniors!