In Remembrance of 9/11

Emma Olsen, Contributor

The 16 year anniversary of 9/11 occurred this Monday, September 11th. 16 years ago on that day, the United States was attacked by terrorists in New York City when 2 planes flew into the World Trade Center. This evil and senseless act has affected America for years to come. Thousands of people died in the buildings and hundreds more first responders died trying to save lives. Many more people have died since that day, as a result of the exposure to toxic substances they endured on 9/11. It is important that as a country, we do not forget this event and never stop remembering those who lost their lives. Their memory will live on forever in their loved ones and in the minds of american people. Even though many Nashoba students were very young or not even born yet for 9/11, it has still affected all of us in some way, however small.

For the first time since the attack, Nashoba Regional High School did not have a moment of silence in honor of those who lost their lives on that tragic and historic day. However, the Chieftain Press we will recognize it during the Broadcast on Thursday. We will never forget.