Welcome Back To Nashoba Mr.Tucker

Welcome Back To Nashoba Mr.Tucker

Victoria Tuttle, Chief Sports Editor

Nashoba wishes  Mr. Tucker a warm welcome back after saying farewell to Mrs. Griffin, a gym teacher who retired last year.  Mr. Tucker will join Ms. McNamara and Mr. Connery, by teaching gym classes this year . Mr. Tucker has many connections to Nashoba, including growing up and graduating from Nashoba; clearly he  did not want to leave this great community. In addition to his role as gym teacher, Tucker has played many other roles at this school. He was a guidance counselor 8 years ago, and a temporary long-term substitute teacher.  Now he is back and ready to take on this year with many goals and accomplishments in view.

Before his return, Tucker was a Phys Ed teacher at Hale Middle School in Stow for the last 7 years. Now, as he rejoins the staff at the high school, he enjoys seeing many familiar faces that he used to see and teach at the middle school. He is excited to teach them again.

Mr. Tucker commented, “When I had the chance to work at the high school and take on a new challenge, I couldn’t pass it up”.

His transition was easy, due to the fact he has worked in this building before. “The transition has been great so far.  Mr. Connery and Ms. McNamara are awesome and have been very helpful.  All the teachers and administrators have really been welcoming to me and willing to answer any questions I might have.  I’m really looking forward to the school year”.

Not only is he a Phys Ed teacher at the school, but he is the head football coach and has been for 4 years. Before he became a coach here, his father Ken Tucker coached the varsity team and was inducted into the High School Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame this past year. The Tucker Legacy continues,  as Jamie Tucker has taken a number of his football teams to state championships including the one back in 2015.

Mr. Tucker was asked if being both a teacher and coach in the same school is beneficial. He said: ” I definitely think it’s beneficial to be in the building that I coach in for a variety of reasons.  I get a chance to teach some of the players on the team and find them and talk to them, if needed.  Even though that’s a huge benefit, I’m looking forward to working with everyone and teach all the different grade levels”.

This 2017 season is sure to be a good one and now he can be in the building and witness how Nashoba gets hyped up and rallies support for the big football games.

Robert Ryan who has had Mr. Tucker as a coach said: “Having Coach Tucker in the high school and being with us everyday is beneficial and helpful to the players, in case of emergency or a question. We all love him as a coach and teacher; when it’s time to get to work we we always have fun. His participation week-to-week is a big part of our success on and off the field”.

At the end of our interview, Mr. Tucker stated: “I’m excited just to get to work, have fun, and get to know the staff and students in the building.  I think as a Phys Ed teacher, relating to students and finding out what works best for them is so important. Also, I’m excited to have some colleagues to bounce some ideas off of”.  Whether it was as a coach or teacher, Mr.Tucker has been a great long time community member. If you see Mr. Tucker around the building, welcome him back and wish him luck on the upcoming season.