New Wonder Woman Must-See Movie!


Shannon Henderson, Contributer

A new movie has hit theaters! Wonder Woman. A great movie to watch with friends and to kick off the summer. Patty Jenkins directs this thrilling, action-packed movie based on William Moulton Marston’s comic, Wonder Woman. The story follows a classic, strong and inspiring superhero. This remaking of the classic is Wonderful and certainly a movie for everyone!

The movie begins with Diana who has yet to become Wonder Woman. Played by Gal Gadot, Diana is the princess on a small, isolated island of Amazonian woman. Through tough training Diana becomes a strong fighter. Then, pilot and spy Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, crashes his plane while fighting in World War II and arrives on the island, leading the Germans to the island. After a short battle on the beach, Diana learns there is a greater war going on in the world outside her island home. She leaves with the pilot because she thinks she can end the war. Diana believes that Ares, God of War, is working behind the war.

In the human world, Diana stands out. Her outfit and strength, as a woman in the 1940’s, is bizarre. A man named Steve Trevor tries to get her to wear clothes of the time period and keep her mouth shut during an important meeting of his. Diana doesn’t take no for an answer and makes her ideas and personality shown. Later, he takes her to the battlefront where Wonder Woman is transformed, overpowering and conquering the German’s trench. It is a big score in the war against the Nazis. They celebrate with the people of the nearby town. But Diana isn’t done yet. She still needs to find Ares. Wonder Woman believes Ares is the leader of the Nazis, Hitler. Will Wonder Woman defeat Ares?

All in all, she uses her warrior training to prove herself in the human world and fight in the war, saving innocent lives along the way. Wonder Woman learns about the evils of humanity and how love can weave its way into modern life.

Again, this movie is full of action. There are many small and big fighting scenes with wonder woman displaying her battle skills. The viewer learns a lot about Princess Diana and about her virtuous personality. In part, her curiosity leads her to make tough decisions, for example, leaving her island paradise forever and going to the battlefront.

The contrast of the island paradise to the gray human world adds to the effect of war and hatred in the human world sharply opposing paradise. Wonder Woman will captivate you with her personality and fighting skills throughout the whole movie, and it is well worth a summer movie night!