Farewell to Julia Rocha, Former Sophomore Vice President


As we say goodbye to Julia Rocha and greet Erin Meigan, whom will be our new Sophomore class vice president, we want to thank Julia for all the hard work and spirit she contributed to the Sophomore class this past year. Julia has served a full year as Sophomore Class Vice President, from the Spring of 2016 to the Spring of 2017.

Being a class vice president is a big responsibility. Class vice presidents can assume the job of class president in the class president’s absence. Vice presidents can also plan and coordinate class programs. A good class vice president will represent the class they are vice president of and bring the class together in school spirit and keeping them updated and included in class activities.

During her vice presidency, she came out strong in school spirit to plan and coordinate the 2016 Spring Fling. She also displayed her great communication skills when she ran the Sophomore movie night fundraiser. Julia is definitely one to put herself to work for the Sophomore class and reach out to the community. Before she left, Julia secured the venue for the upcoming prom. Thanks to Julia, prom will be held at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. Not only did Julia play a big role in this, but she brought unity and spirit to the school. She attended every class officer meeting “alongside three other amazing leaders” (Julia Rocha).

Her favorite thing about being VP was “interacting with my classmates and making sure they had a voice when it came to making decisions” (Julia Rocha). Julia was glad to have endeavored in the experience and gained leadership and management skills throughout the year.

So, on behalf of the Sophomore class, thanks again to our former VP for all your hard work. As a final sendoff from Julia, she wishes Erin the best of luck and is “eager to see what the future holds for [The Sophomore] class!”