Nashoba’s New Principal!


As many of you already know, Dr. Parry Graham is leaving Nashoba and going to France for the next year with his family. As we say farewell to Dr. Graham, we wonder what it will be like as a new principal takes his place?

After narrowing the principal search down, three candidates were left in the running before Friday, May 12. Those three candidates were Peter Cushing, who has been a principal at Narragansett Middle School for over 5 years, Paul DiDomenico, an assistant principal at Algonquin Regional High School for 11 years, and Leslie Patterson, who has been an assistant principal at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School for over 15 years.

All three candidates had the chance to speak with parents and the public on May 5th in the Media Center. Many topics were discussed including leadership and why each candidate would like to be principal at Nashoba. The parents asked many questions and through the candidates answers and other considerations a new principal was chosen.

Although all three candidates would have brought something special to Nashoba, the superintendent chose Paul DiDomenico to lead our school into its next exciting chapter! DiDomenico has had  interactions with Nashoba  teachers before and likes the community. During parent questioning on May 5th, DiDomenico said that “part of our job is making connections-  between kids, between teachers, between someone who has a resource, between someone who has an interest, and trying to build those connections.” DiDomenico wishes to get to know the students, teachers and parents in order to get to know the school better and be a leader at Nashoba.

On behalf of the students and staff, we wish Mr. DiDomenico the best of luck here at Nashoba. The school is strong in both academics and sports, but still faces a number challenges like space, funding, scheduling issues, and budget cuts that have affected electives and clubs. Hopefully however, Mr. DiDomenico’s new perspective will help our school to further continue to grow and overcome some of  the challenges that it faces. Welcome to Nashoba Mr. DiDomenico!