Update on the French Election 2017


After a debate on May 3rd, candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron took surprising hits and misses in the polls.

Emmanuel Macron, the centralist candidate, and Marine Le Pen, the far-right candidate, faced off in a vicious argument Wednesday night. That argument led Marine Le Pen to fall in the polls, plummeting down to 38% and Macron to rise to 62%. Topics of debate included France’s static economy, terrorism and the future of France within Europe. Le Pen and Macron both received the same amount of talking time, but who used their time the wisest?

Well, the polls suggest Macron took full advantage, and here is why. Macron used his time to explain his views, staying with the facts for the most part. Marine tended to argue with Macron rather than discuss the views she believes in. According to many sources, it was reported that she also did not stay as truthful as Macron did.

France fact-checked their candidates, and caught Le Pen in multiple lies. Macron, even seized Marine in a fib during the debate. If that was not enough, Macron was also found to have a lied once, yet the number of Marine Le Pen’s lies outnumbered his. All in all, both fought to convey their different opinions, but Macron’s generally calmer attitude and Marine’s lies may  have lead her to a possible downfall in the election, which is scheduled for Sunday, May 7th.