Ashley Cormier and Lea Markham Won an Award!


On April 5th, several students from Nashoba’s Video Production and Journalism classes made the journey to Millis High School for the Lights, Camera, Action Conference sponsored by The New England Chapter of the National Academy of TV Arts and Sciences. The day consisted of workshops, question and answer sessions with various panels, and awards.

Seniors Ashley Cormier and Lea Markham’s video “Nike Student”, won in the its category of Best Commercial.

“I feel really proud of Lea and I for winning. I put a lot of thought into it and it’s the most personalized video I’ve ever created so it feels really good knowing other people liked it too!” Explained Cormier.

When the girls were handed an assignment in Video Production class asking them to create a commercial, Cormier shared that she wanted to make something meaningful.

“I wanted my commercial to be personal. Within the past year or so I’ve grown stronger physically and mentally throughout my workouts at the gym. My goal was to tell my story about how I came to be a strong person to whoever watched my commercial, and hopefully inspire them as well.”

Cormier and Markham have created a number of videos together, but they both agree they were the most pleased with the results of this one.

“Filming and editing with Ashley has been a blast because we work really well together and bounce off of each other’s ideas.” Markham commented.

Markham, who is pursuing a major in communications, expressed her excitement about being recognized at the event.

“I feel very fulfilled and successful to be recognized for the work we put into this project. Winning this award reminds me of how excited I am to pursue this path of study.”

The dynamic duo also spends their time experimenting with the art of photography. Cormier models, Markham will take the pictures.

“Ashley is the one who helped me realize a lot of my passions such as photography.” Markham stated.

There will be a separate ceremony where Cormier and Markham will receive an official award for their video. However the two are unsure if they will attend that event.