Live-action Beauty and the Beast Pleases Everyone


Shannon Henderson, Contributor

Disney seems to be following a trend with taking their own animated movies and remaking them in live-action, with movies like The Jungle Book in 2016. Their latest take on this trend has been this year’s Beauty and the Beast, transforming the 1991 animated hit into the movie currently in theaters. The Jungle Book received rave reviews, but what about Beauty and the Beast?

Anyone who has seen the film can agree that Disney did it right with this live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. If one has not seen the film, prepare to be filled with the joy that all the Disney classics bring, only better. The movie follows closely with its 1991 predecessor. The Beast was cursed, along with the whole castle, by a witch, for not caring for the needy and judging her based on her appearance. He must then learn to care for others before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose. In the village, Belle is seen going through town, surrounded by townspeople popping out from their windows exclaiming “Bonjour”. They think she is the “odd” girl in town. Belle is also stalked by Gaston, played to a tee by Luke Evans.

Bill Condon directed this popular new film. In the past he’s directed The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. He directed the movie in a way that makes it a “musical romantic dark fantasy.”  Although eerie and frightening at times, the Beast, the castle and the pack of wolves are just enthralling.

What’s more, the plot keeps the viewer’s attention. The animation is visually appealing and the plot grabs the viewers’ interest from the start. This recreation of Beauty and the Beast also has a few additions and changes that don’t take away from the plot, but rather enforce it. The rose, as a symbol, is taken further when it turns into something Belle’s father gives her every year for her birthday. After the wolf attack, as well as meeting the adorable talking cup, Chip, and running outside, Belle’s father stumbles into the Beast’s rose garden. He picks a rose for Belle, causing the watching Beast to lash out angrily and lock him in his tower. This is unlike the animated version in which Belle’s dad was locked up for trespassing, but the change gives new meaning to the rose as a symbol in the movie. The Beast shocks us with his own song about Belle that he belts out from the tower as Belle rides Phillip back to her father. Also, the strange sorceress returns upon the Beast’s death to help with the climax of the movie.

All in all, this movie is not one to miss.

It is simply very visually appealing and excites the viewer from the start. Emma Watson plays Belle with all the courage and curiosity of the animated Belle. The updated 3D-animation is mesmerizing, from Belle’s father’s workshop to the over-the-top Be Our Guest dinner show. Altogether, the film is breathtaking, and even the worst of critics would agree that it is worth watching.