Its Prom Season Again


Vicky Tuttle, Contributing Editor

Its that time of year again juniors. Prom is known as one of the most memorable nights in high school. A night where you are surrounded by all your classmates and friends that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Girls have been waiting for this night since they were little, watching the movies about how perfect prom night is, making getting prom queen and king into a dream.  In reality it is more than just the prom royalty. Nowadays it is about girls getting the best expensive dress. Dresses can cost more than 700 dollars, and trying to outdo each other on looking good becomes expensive and more important than enjoying a night with friends.  Is it all worth it just for one night?

Prom here at Nashoba is always laid back and each year keeps getting better. Students always have a say on wether or not they like their venue. To get a very nice venue and cheap tickets, students should attend school events that could raise money to eliminate high cost and end up with a great, fun venue and a bumping dj. Cost for prom is always very expensive and that draws kids away from going, but with help from your class you can raise enough money to make sure the cost is enough for everybody to go.

The thought of prom is always overwhelming but once you get through the dress buying, finding a date (promposals…yay!) or just going with a group of friends,  getting the stretch limo, and making sure you don’t forget the flowers that nobody knows the name of, prom becomes very excited and fun. It is now March and even though it is 3 months away, prom is coming quick. Once that day arrives and you put that perfect dress on, or the black and white tux, and step foot into the ball room, and even though somethings could go wrong the day of prom, just remember it is just one night… just go with it! Dance until your feet hurt, sing as loud as you can, laugh as hard as you want because once that 4 hours is up, it is over.

You only go to prom once and you only get the chance to get dressed up with your friends once, so make the best of it. Be you and have fun with the people you enjoying being around! Even though it is stressful at times and difficult, you will remember this for the rest of your life. When you are looking back through old pictures and find the one of you at prom you will say “wow I wish I could relive that night over again.”