Roger That, Tom.


Image courtesy of Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Emma Talpey, Contributing Editor

Four records broken, five rings won, three consecutive holding penalties, two two-point conversions, and one excessively stressful night for Patriots nation. That, my friends, is how you do your job.


Early on in Sunday’s Super Bowl 51, the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons seemed tightly strung, with a quick first quarter composed of impressive efforts from both teams, but ultimately no real advantage earned on either side. However, when the second quarter came, Atlanta shocked the noisy crowd in Houston’s NRG Stadium. Taking a two score lead, the announcers were quick to share that no team had ever come back from a two-score deficit in the Superbowl throughout the history of the NFL. At this, Patriots fans across the nation scoffed and replied “watch us.”


Halftime approached with a sobering score of 21 – 3 Atlanta. Upon returning to the field, the game returned to the sense of tension served in the first quarter with impressive plays by both teams. However, Atlanta’s defense dished out three consecutive holds against the Patriots, giving one first down after another and, ultimately, gave them their first touchdown of the night. However Kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed his extra point kick, leaving the score at 9 – 28.


From there, it was an uphill battle for the Patriots. Some fans had already shut their television off, so they were unable to witness the history made in the final minutes of the game. Tom Brady led his team to score 17 unanswered points, polishing it off with a beautiful pass straight into the hands of Danny Amendola to create a two point conversion and tie the game.


Going into their sudden-death overtime period, the Patriots won the coin toss, giving them valuable possession over the ball at the start. Pushing as hard as they could, with constant first-down-earning plays, the Patriots walked 75 yards down the field, turning eight plays into a touchdown. James White snatched the ball to end the game, and ran just two yards before diving over and smacking the ball down just past the end zone line, serving Atlanta a painful and shocking defeat.


This was the very first Superbowl in NFL history to go into overtime. The very first time a team had come back from a two-score deficit in the Superbowl. The last time Roger Goodell tries to congratulate Patriots Nation.


The instant Goodell hit the podium, the stands rang out with boos, and the instant the Vince Lombardi trophy was handed to Patriots Franchise CEO Robert Kraft, cheers sounded out once again. So, Patriots fans, let Febraury 5th, 2017 mark the day that Brady proved he was the best quarterback in history (something true fans always knew) and the day the Patriots showed everyone (especially Goodell) how wrong they were.


Maybe you should visit New England sometime, Roger. We’d love to have you come check the pressure of our footballs.