Greatest Comeback Of All Time


Victoria Tuttle, Contributor

On Sunday night, Patriots fans witnessed Super Bowl history as Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick led their team to victory. The Patriots have now appeared in nine Super Bowls; after winning five of them, they are tied for the second most win of any franchise. Tom Brady became the first quarterback in N.F.L history to win five Super Bowls with the win on Sunday.

The score at half-time was a whopping 28 – 3, with the Atlanta Falcons leading, and the pressure was on for the Patriots. With time running out, they did not give up. The amazing work of Brady and Julian Edelman brought life back to the game, and the Pats outscored the Falcons in the second half to bring the game to 28 – 28.  For the first time in Super Bowl history, the game went into overtime. Winning the coin toss, the Patriots had the ball first. Like a wrecking ball, they went down into Falcons territory. After travelling 75 yards down the field, the game winning play was made by James White’s two- yard touchdown run. This gave the Patriots a lead of 34 – 28, clinching the biggest comeback in history.

Heading into this huge game Tom Brady not only had to prove himself , but also all the people who did not believe in him.  After the game when the cannons of confetti fell, Goodell went up to Brady and shook his hand, saying to Brady, “That was awesome.” showing that deflated balls does not define Tom Brady and is put in the past.

Brady was heading into  an emotional game .  Tom and his family have had a rough year. His mother has been battling cancer for 18 months, Robert Kraft tells the press. Brady said “he’s encouraged with how his mother  responded after the big win”.  This Super Bowl win hits home to many New England people by showing that you should never give up, even when the odds are stacked against you.

The Patriots have definitely got the New England fans rowdy and will arrive home to a massive Parade on Tuesday February 7th.