Tonbandgerät: A German Field trip

Erica Marland, Correspondant

Last Friday, March 28th, the German students went on a very unique field trip to Melrose Middle School where they were given the opportunity to listen to a German band, Tonbandgerät meaning “tape recorder”.

The band has been together since 2007 and plays indie music with German lyrics. The four members, Sophia and Isa Poppensieker,  Ole Specht, and Jakob Sudau,  first played exclusively for their friends but got their big break in 2012 when they won the “New Music Award”. They have been touring around the world and launched their debut album “Heute ist für immer” (Today is forever) in 2013. The band can be described as “very mellow and free-flowing”,  junior Riley Davis explains.

The purpose of this trip was to introduce Nashoba students to German music and give them further insight into the language. The students all had a favorable view of the band and the experience.

“I actually enjoyed the music”, says Riley Davis. “It was really interesting, and it was nothing like I’ve ever heard before. I was really glad I went and I even bought this tee-shirt that I’m wearing.”

All in all, the trip was a new and unique way of understanding a foreign language. More trips like this one would offer better opportunities for Nashoba students to understand different aspects of foreign language and culture. tonbandgerat