The Latest on the Dakota Pipeline, Post Trump Inauguration


Since the movement started, both the Chieftain Press and the world have been closely monitoring the latest events unfolding in the saga of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The members of the Sioux Reservation, their supporters, and fellow tribes are protesting against the placement of oil pipeline on their tribal land. Not only is the pipeline located on the ancestral land, but it poses a threat to the main source of drinking water for the reservation.

Early in December it seemed as if the main portion of the fight was over, with the Army Corps of Engineers denying a permit to continue the pipeline on the sacred tribal land. But, with President Trump’s first days in office, the call was made to further the process and continue with both the Dakota and Keystone pipeline, another project blocked earlier by Obama.

This is unfolding after protesters have been sent home, with the worry of the winter conditions and the assurance that this in no way means an end to the struggle. The Sioux Reservation is hoping to continue their battle in the courts however, looking for more effective outcomes.

While it was seen in Trump’s campaign that he repeatedly denied the very real effects of climate change, many were hoping that he would show to be different as a President. Unfortunately, this did not happen as  Mr. Trump appointed Scott Pruitt, a firm non-believer in climate change. However, with the latest updates coming in and his changes in the policies, he is showing himself as the real threat to the climate that many feared.

For now, it is possible that there could be a positive outcome with the pipeline and the project will yet again be shut down, for good. As we’ve seen repeatedly as this story develops, the fight is never quite done and now is simply the time to remain informed and aware.