The Joshua Tree


Charlotte Dempsey , Contributing Editor

This summer is a big one for music! The world famous band U2 is touring and will play their album, The Joshua Tree in its entirety. After thirty years since its release, U2 has decided now would be a fitting time for a tour to celebrate the album’s success. People around the world are already buying tickets in excitement for this huge event.

The album features some of the best songs ever made and tackles real issues. The band sings about societal problems and civil rights. The songs range from the mournful “Mothers of the Disappeared” to the idealistic “Where the Streets Have No Name.” The band imagines a desegregated world where people are not defined by religion, race, or class.

Now, as America is about to inaugurate Donald Trump, the band felt this would be a great time for a tour. They want to remind the world what they stand for in a time where these ideals of equality may be jeopardized. As the world is absorbed in the drama surrounding the election, the band felt this would be an appropriate time to tour and possibly lighten the mood.

The album creates a sense of inclusiveness that must be felt in these times. The album relates to all people ranging from topics such as religious values to substance abuse. In a period of much division, U2 is hoping to create a sense of unity among music. The world is craving the same “Big Music” from the eighties. Even if you are not a U2 fan or were not old enough to appreciate The Joshua Tree at the time of its release, the concert still has something to offer. With amazing bands such as the Lumineers, One Republic, and Mumford & Sons opening for U2, all ages have an opportunity to be entertained.

The tour kicks off on May 12th in Vancouver, stopping in twelve cities around the continent before coming to Boston. The band plays Gillette Stadium on June 25th, which will be an amazing show. Also, starting on July 8th, U2 will begin to tour Europe. They will make a visit to a total of eight European cities. The grand finale of the tour will be in Brussels on August 1st.

Whether you are a democrat or republican, The Joshua Tree has something to offer. In a time of great division, the album creates a sense of togetherness. The country is craving a distraction, and great music is one way to find one. The power of the lyrics and music may be enough to squash the cynicism even for just a small time. The same issues that were present at the time of the album’s release are now relevant again, making the songs relatable once again. The issues have come full circle as the world once again is in need of a sense of unity. The Joshua Tree tour is one to look forward to and will be marked as a huge event for our country and world.