Meryl Streep and Donald Trump

Whether or not you actually tuned into the 74th Golden Globes, witnessing this year’s biggest stars come together and celebrate newly released film and television productions, everyone heard about the infamous and controversial speech Meryl Streep gave when accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

In an emotional, and irregularly lengthy acceptance speech, the renowned actress touched on, not only the year of productions, but also the presidential election and the responsibility of the press. Not once mentioning Donald Trump, Streep took her audience back to the president-elects mocking of a disabled reporter, and the responsibility of the press in times of turmoil and confusion: to provide truthful and straightforward information. She reminded the viewers watching that renowned performers are from all over the world, and if they were to be deported, we would lose the rich culture we love, as well as so many others who contribute to America in ways we can’t imagine.

Immediately afterword, social media blew up- whether in support of the actress voicing her opinions, or against her using this moment to spread her message. Mixed messages were abound in both parties. Some felt that the platform that Streep used was unnecessary, and that she chose the wrong moment to begin spreading her views. Others worried that it didn’t have any affect, that the time had already passed. However, even more reflected on the strong reminder the actress gave: if Hollywood won’t forget- then neither will everyone else. Many were proud of Streep for taking the stand.

Trump, of course, immediately took the bait and responded to Meryl Streep’s message in his usual impromptu press conference- a twitter rant. In his three separate tweets, he called the actress “overrated” and “a Hillary flunky who lost big”. Resulting to name-calling and drawing away of the issue, Trump was yet again another indication of what Streep reminded us of: hate incites hate.

When asking the local Nashoba community, views about Streep’s speech were just as varied as the responses being related on social media.“I think that it is important that she used her position, where lots of people hear her, to convey important messages” one student said. On the other hand, many responded that they wish she didn’t make her controversial speech while she was being honored, because of the negative views she spoke of. It was more important to accept facts and work with president elect, instead of against. 

Many voices were outspoken that this was the wrong platform, but such a normative institution, such as the award shows, and a well-respected artist with an audience, with a wide range of views, was the best possible area to address these problems.

In an age where Hollywood and celebrities set the stage for the latest trend and cultural revolution, it seems right they expand that stance for the better. Actors are ingrained in the society of America, so why should they be set them apart from politics, especially when art is something that can transcend political views and touch upon so many people?

Meryl Streep bravely stated her mind, putting her reputation on the line, knowing that she would receive backlash. Her words reached millions, directly and indirectly, from everyone sitting in the audience to everyone watching or reading about it around the world.

No matter what Meryl Streep said, or whose side she is on, both her and her words served as a strong reminder. A reminder that there is strength in recognizing that everyone, no matter who you are or what you do, is an important part of the running of our government.