The Stats of Nashoba Indoor Track


Indoor track is one of the behind-the-scenes sport options offered here at Nashoba. Track meets don’t attract the kind of hype or fanfare like a playoff game, but its athletes excel behind the scenes. Will Cruikshank, a senior captain on the boys track team at Nashoba, says that for the most part it’s a pretty relaxing season. He said that lots of kids take the time in indoor season to prepare for their outdoor track seasons. Members of the team participate in strength training and conditioning quite frequently to train their muscles for the certain events they take part in.

The captains on the boys track team are Will, Keenan Doyle and Kyle Cloutier. The track team takes part in the following events: the 55 hurdles, the 55 dash, the 300m/600m, the 1000 meter run, and the two mile. Field events are the shot put and high jump. Will enjoys running the 55, high hurdles, and the 4 by 4. He has come in first for the hurdles.

A few track members do the sport for the exercise and extracurricular excitement, while others truly do compete and are very strong in particular events. For the boys, Kyle Cloutier and Ryan Gillooly (both seniors) are the top-performing distance runners. The boys distance team is their strongest weapon, because they don’t have as much of a sprinting team. Despite this, Will still proudly said that Nashoba is definitely one of the strongest track teams in their league.

The girls track team has also been having a robust season. Many say the girls track team isn’t as strong as they have been in prior years as a result of losing a good amount of powerhouse athletes, but they still are doing very well. The girls’ indoor track team captains are Melissa Buck, Michaela Bettez, Katie Everton and Kara Mannion.

Many underclassmen are also integral members of the team. Emily Vivanco and Alex Bettez are known for their two mile times, and also their one mile times along with Michaela Bettez. Alex Bettez also runs the 1000 meter dash, and Ashley Masse runs the 600 meter dash. Carly Tesini and Ashlyn MacLure run the 300 meter dash. Ashlyn MacLure also runs the 55 meter dash, and finally, Makaisha Gonzalez and Erin Mehigan jump the 55 hurdles. This season, Erin McNemar broke the Nashoba indoor track female high jump record at 5’1″.

All of these successes for both teams are the result of hard work and dedication. Track competitors prepare for their meets in many ways, including lifting and strength training within the cage in Nashoba’s gym, which can get crowded. Another way that they train for the technical side of their event is in the halls of Nashoba, because there is no actual indoor track. While not ideal, training for hurdles and sprints in the hallways is preferred to the cold outside weather. Unfortunately, the distance team often ends up running outside.

Competitors have to train in any way they can to perform strongly in their events, which can be spread across a long period of time. A usual indoor track meet can last for a grueling six hours, while one event only lasts a few minutes. It’s a lot of time for anxious butterflies and a turning stomach to mess with the mind before an important race or event. It is also a lot for those who are investing an additional three to four hours on homework each night. Meets on school nights are definitely not ideal for hard working students who want to excel academically and athletically, especially during the long winter sport season.

This makes supporting the indoor track team even more important. It’s so much easier for athletes to perform when they have a crowd that is there to support and push them to achieve a little more. Good luck to the indoor track stars and anyone considering carrying over their training into the spring season. Keep up the running in the hallways!