Beginning 2017


Jessica Gavin, Contributing Editor

As the beginning of January draws to a close, Nashoba students are thrust back into the chaos of learning last minute material and preparing for midterms. Despite this, the promise of a new year has been highly anticipated for many students. 2016 was not a particularly beloved year by many, and 2017 has a lot of exciting events coming up. In addition to the excitement of ending 2016, many kids had found themselves burnt out from schoolwork, and in need of a reprieve. School breaks were welcomed with open arms, and the prospect of what the new year would bring had many optimistic, albeit a bit stressed.

For seniors, this was an especially exciting break. Many received letters back from colleges that they applied to for early admission, and were excited to share the news with family and friends. Whether or not this typically happy announcement added stress or anticipation, for this year in particular, the reality of attending college is surely setting in for the majority of Nashoba’s seniors. 

For now, seniors are focused on making the most of the week before midterms hit, as are many other students. Both Nashoba seniors and underclassmen alike have some resolutions to better improve their health and well-being, which could help prevent stress during the new year. For many, this includes new plans to improve health or happiness . There are also the typical resolutions like saving more money, quitting bad habits, or joining a gym. Stressful times are hitting soon, and staying occupied and productive can help to stay calm. Good luck on midterms, Nashoba!