Bracelets for Benefit and a Charity Basketball Game


Jessica Gavin, Contributing Editor

As basketball season begins, senior, Catherine Pelletier, is particularly excited for one of the upcoming games. She is organizing a t-shirt selling event during one of the games that will raise awareness for a cause she is truly passionate about: Bracelets for Benefit.

Photo courtesy of Catherine Pelletier

Bracelets for Benefit is an organization that Catherine founded after a mission trip to Africa. She receives shipments of bracelets made by artisans in Africa, offering them the opportunity to sell their bracelets in the U.S. The profits go directly to those who create the bracelets, allowing them to support their families and purchase supplies for their community gardens. Catherine sells bracelets that are made by two groups of people: women who are supported by the volunteer project African Impact in Khula, South Africa, and people across Africa who are supported by The Happy Africa Foundation.

Catherine has felt a strong connection to the cause after befriending and helping the women who make the bracelets while working as an African Impact volunteer. The trip was a huge culture shock that stuck with her when she returned to America, and she was looking for a way to give back. Catherine had purchased a bracelet while in Africa, and received many compliments on its design, which gave her the idea to sell them in America for profit. She is hoping to spread her compassion with the fortunate members of the Nashoba community.

The bracelets sell for $6.00-$13.00 per bracelet, depending on complexity. Her shipments of bracelets have sold out quickly, and she has reached her goal of doubling the profit, but she doesn’t plan on stopping there. As part of her personal campaign, Catherine is planning on selling Nike shirts for $25.00 (short sleeve) or $35.00 (long sleeve) that will get buyers into a future Nashoba Boys Basketball game for free, while part of the proceeds benefit the cause. Be sure to keep a look out for the date of the game when it is chosen, and for those who want to support the cause but do not want a shirt or bracelet, donations are always welcome!