Nashoba Regional High School Lip Dub 2016

After months of planning, editing and producing, Nashoba Regional High School is proud to premiere the 2016 Nashoba Regional High School Lip Dub. This event would not have been possible without the tireless effort of Jacquie Carter and Johnna Doyle, along with the entire Lip Dub Planning Committee. On behalf of all of those involved, we hope that you enjoy watching what we have produced for you!

Produced by: Jacquie Carter and Johnna Doyle

Filmed by: Paul Theriault

Drone Footage by: Nick Bell

Pep Rally Footage by: Ethan Winer and Reid Young

Edited by: Paul Theriault and Julia Wachtel

Music Mashup: Joe McCarthy

Special Thanks to: Julia Wachtel, Paul Theriault, Joe McCarthy, Melissa Foley, Sara Egan, Kristin Hera, Mary Marotta, Maura Bailey, Stephanie Hilliger, Officer Eric Koukos and the Lip Dub Student Planning Committee