Lip Dub and Pep Rally Review


The week before Thanksgiving was one to remember! Many successful spirit days led to the most spirit Nashoba had seen in awhile. Everyone was brought together to celebrate their Nashoba pride through numerous events, most memorably the lip dub and pep rally.

Starting the Thursday before Thanksgiving, the whole school began to show their spirit. With Thursday as Pajama day, Flannel Friday, Monday as Hippie day, Tuesday as Hero vs. Villain, and lastly Wednesday as Nashoba spirit, everyone was revved up by the end of the short, pre-Thanksgiving week. At the beginning of each spirit day, there was a homeroom to count the number of students participating, because students could earn Nashoba Cup points for their class by wearing the theme apparel. With just about half the students in each grade partaking in the spirit day, it was clear that school pride was in the air.

Along with the spirit days, Nashoba put together a second Lip Dub! Pulling it all off took a true team effort, and the planning committee met numerous times before finally filming. Many volunteered to take a lead role and lip sync in the performance. The students and teachers who chose to lip sync were prepared to put on a show with their enthusiastic performances. The whole school was incorporated into the lip dub, as there was a place for each club, sport, and grade to stand during the filming. Even if people did not want to lip sync, they still had a chance to be a part of the fun. There were specific halls designated for each grade to decorate. Each space was overflowing with decorations and truly set the scene for the show. Overall, the Lip Dub was successful and loads of fun for all students and teachers.

Following the Lip Dub, there was the record-breaking pep rally. This was definitely one to remember. With outstanding performances from the cheerleaders, band, and chorus everyone was entertained. Speaking of entertainment, the powder puff cheerleaders put on one heck of a show! Also, Best Buddies participated in a minute-to-win-it challenge, where the challenge was to balance an Oreo on their forehead and slide it into their mouth. Another addition to this year’s pep rally was the Mannequin Challenge which was put on by the entire school. Following all the excitement everyone took part in the sing along and the songs could be heard from miles away. These highlights and more are what made this pep rally so extraordinary.

Most of the students at Nashoba can proudly say this year was characterized by extreme school spirit, with the lip dub, spirit days, and pep rally all being huge successes. The week leading up to Thanksgiving was one to remember and will set the tone for the rest of the year. With this year’s spirit, nobody can wait to see what next year has in store.