Thanksgiving Food Drive


Courtesy of Worcester Food Bank

Kaitlyn Tobin, Contributor

The Thanksgiving Food Drive has ended, but, sadly, the results were wildly unsuccessful this year.

About two weeks ago, each classroom was given a cardboard box for non-perishable food items to be donated to the Worcester County Food Bank. Students were expected to leave a can of soup, or maybe a box of pasta, but unfortunately not many did. Even in the last few days before Thanksgiving Break, boxes rarely had more than a couple food items. In total, our school donated 500 pounds of food, which is much less than one can a person.

Helping the unfortunate should be a top priority for students and staff at Nashoba, and the lack of food items this year is not showing the care and respect Nashoba should have for those in need.

Before our next school food drive, this problem must be addressed and solved, in order to be successful. The outcomes of this food drive were disappointing and confusing. Is it because Nashoba students don’t care? Is it because they simply forgot to bring food in? Should the Food Drive have been advertised better?

Despite the results of this food drive, it is hard to believe students and staff at Nashoba don’t care. After all, our school mission is I-CARE, with integrity as our foundation. Using integrity to communicate, achieve, relate, and engage is extremely important to our image and our school.

Next food drive, it is hoped that every student and staff will donate at least one non-perishable food item to one of the many food drive boxes throughout the school. Nashoba must continue to use integrity and to participate in organizations such as the Food Drive. For those looking to redeem themselves, there are many opportunities  where students can make a difference, especially in the holiday months.