No Smudge Lipstick – Peeling Lip Stain Review


Jessica Gavin, Contributing Editor

We’ve all seen the advertisements on Facebook about the “new beauty trend” surrounding peeling lipstains. After I saw a promotional offer from , I decided to try them out for myself. For $25, I received six peeling lipstains: two sexy red, one rose pink, one watermelon, one cherry red, one lovely peach, and a bonus creme lipstick. Considering the regular price was $14 for 3 peeling lipsticks, I was interested in the offer, and it had a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

I received the lip stains six business days later, and will break down the performance by color, consistency, scent, taste, time, and reliability.


The tint had essentially no taste if applied correctly, and a slightly sweet taste if too much was applied. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant taste, but it wasn’t a horrible taste either. The scent was pleasant, but I didn’t find that the scent or the taste related at all to the name of the lipstick.


The consistency of the formula was pretty horrendous. It was like trying to apply liquid glue. I tried at first to apply the lip stain directly out of the tube, which did not work out well at all. There was a complete lack of control as to where the product went, which meant that I applied too much and it got on my teeth. The outside of my lips dried, but the corners and inner part became stuck together. It ended up dulling the color because I had to wipe it off with water. The lipstick stained my fingers for two days and one of my towels. After this incident, it was imperative that the product was applied with a Q-tip to avoid these problems.


I found the color of the product in the tube to be concerningly bright, but when it was actually on, it adhered better to the color on the tube. If you have a preference for shiny lipsticks, however, this product always appears matte on its own and would need an additional gloss to make it shine.


Once I began applying carefully with Q-tips, the peel came off in two easy strips with no residue, which I did appreciate. However, my lips were a little dry and the peel only made them drier. This didn’t bother me too badly, because I had the option of using whatever clear gloss or chapstick I preferred to put over it. If the weather had been warmer, I probably wouldn’t have needed anything.The color stayed remarkably well. It dulled slightly with eating or scrubbing, but it stayed for the six hours that I wore it and had disappeared nicely in the morning with no intervention.


The directions said that the product would have a nice color after ten minutes, but I found that some of the lighter stains needed up to twenty minutes to make a darker, more noticeable color.

These lip stains are an interesting trend, but the messy, long application time makes using this product somewhat of a hassle. I use it while I do my other makeup or something else, because the time period is quite irritating and is really the main problem that has barred me from using it more frequently.

The bonus lipstick was a nice gesture but really did not suit my skin tone.

In general, this was a pleasant $25 purchase, but I probably wouldn’t do it again.