College Search: What to Look for in a College Other Than Food

Courtesy of MyClubMyLife

Courtesy of MyClubMyLife

The important characteristics of a good college are often construed while you search. Stay on topic and think logically about your college experience.

Once beginning your college search, it is likely that you will be drawn to college qualities such as food and dorms. These components will be important to consider, but remember that academics and location should be considered first. 

The first action you should take upon researching a college, is checking out whether they offer good programs and majors for what you are interested in. If you want to enter college with an undeclared major, research the colleges exploratory program, or see if they have a wide range of options open to you for when you decide.

Academics are extremely significant to your success in college, so don’t allow yourself to be distracted by qualities that won’t matter in the end. Stay focused and stay educated.

Secondly, location should be considered strongly when searching for colleges. It’s true that many students are excited to move away and live independently, but often it is not necessary to seek a college in far away states. While state college prices are definitely rising, they can still offer cheaper prices than out of state colleges. Additionally, the money and time it will take to visit relatives for holidays and events increases the further away you enroll in college. Keeping these things in mind, do you still want to attend a college far away? Remember to think smartly about where you intend to go to college.

Also, if you are accustomed to and enjoy city life, consider the change of lifestyle you may encounter upon attending a suburban or small-town college. Would you be happier attending school in the city, or more comfortable in the suburbs? There are many questions to consider when you think about location.

After you are satisfied with the academics and location of the college you are researching, make sure to check the price tag! College is very expensive today, and you shouldn’t set yourself up for large student loans and stressful financial situations. Are there good opportunities for financial aid? What are the percentages of students who graduate with no debt?

Other characteristics such as diversity, class size, faculty availability and numbers, availability of internships and majors, sports opportunities and resources, campus safety, and more matter as well. Most likely, all of these components will be influential to your success and happiness in college.

Lastly, check out the fun stuff, such as recreational activities offered, food quality, dorm sizes and looks, and more. Find out about student life and what is offered to you when you are not in classes. This tends to be a more enjoyable search, and every college is different.

Stay focused and think logically while you search for colleges. You may have to make a few sacrifices, but make sure you’re making the right ones. Also, research academics, location, and prices before you get hooked on smaller details. After you know you will be happy with academic, location, and financial options, then you can branch out and discover what you desire in a college. Searching for colleges can be stressful, but don’t let yourself get distracted. Discover what will make you successful and happy.