NVC Green and Gold

Sarah Newton, Editor

 This year, Nashoba Varsity Cheer has two competition teams: Green Team and Gold Team. Nashoba now has had a Game-Day competition team along with it’s pre-existing competition team. Gold team is a Division 2 Varsity competition team and Green team is a Varsity Game-Day competition team. More skills and tumbling is required from the cheerleaders in order to make Gold team. To make Green, the girls need sharp motions and capability of being loud and have a lot of pep.

Gold team

The Gold team division consists of routines that are two and a half minutes long with stunts, jumps, a cheer, and a dance all along with music. Gold is judged mainly on skill; how sharp and clean they are with their stunts, jumps, transitions and motions. While Green teams division is a Game-Day simulation, they get a scenario of a play in a game where the football team is either in offense or defense and do a cheer accordingly. The team’s in Game-Day competitions also prepare a call back cheer and a half time routine to music. Game-Day is judged based on how hyped the teams can get the crowd and if they are clean, sharp and loud within their stunts, transitions and cheers.

Green team

Both Green and Gold have been cheering on our varsity football boys on Friday nights. Gold Team has been cheering at home games, while Green has been hopping on the bus and following the team to the away games. Both teams have been keeping the crowd hyped up through rain and shine. The first part of their seasons have been spent teaching the many newcomers the game cheers, to give the best performance they can at the games.

Both teams have worked hard this season to get to the first competition, which was at Shrewsbury High School. Green and Gold both pushed as hard as they could. Green team hit a stunt that they had been struggling with over the last few weeks and the practice before the competition. They pushed themselves further than they thought they could all for an outstanding outcome. Both teams took home first place in their divisions. With the now higher hope than ever of making it to Nationals, both teams are planning to take all the critiques given to them by the judges and put them into practice to keep the dream alive.