Meet the New Members of NRHS Staff

Courtesy of elixiter

Rene Mansi

Courtesy of elixiter

Kaitlyn Tobin, Contributor

After a number of  high school retirements at the end of the school year, Nashoba was given the task of  hiring twelve new staff members. 

Joining the English Department this year are Mr. Bailey and Ms. Morrisey. According to Mr. Bailey’s website, he has been teaching at Groton-Dunstable for the last couple of years and is excited to be in our school this year. He is currently teaching Freshman English and Journalism 1. Ms. Morrisey teaches Freshman and Sophomore English and Satire, and her website highlights her enthusiasm for the chance to teach her new students. 

In the History Department, Ms. Jankun is teaching U.S. History 1, U.S. History 2, and World History; although this is her first year teaching history at Nashoba, she brings prior experience from the Advanced Math and Science Acadamey in Marlboro.  According to a few of her students, Paul Theriault and Eva Ricci, they shared that “Ms. Jankun class is very interactive.” 

In the Math Department, three new teachers joined our community; Mr. Nickerson is teaching four classes this year: two sections of CP Pre-Calculus and two sections of Accelerated Algebra 2 & Trigonometry. Before accepting a job at Nashoba, Mr. Nickerson worked at the Fellowship at Merrimack College, allowing him to teach at the North Andover High School last year, while simultaneously working at night towards a Masters Degree in Education. His hard work and dedication is apparent and appreciated. “The atmosphere, the intensity the students bring to class, and their pride at being a member of this system is a total turn around to what I’m used to,” he explained last Wednesday. “Everyone in Nashoba High has been so welcoming, that they really made this feel like a family for me…” 

Mrs. Polymeros, another new math teacher, received a Master in Education at UMass Amherst and completed her student teaching at Greenfield High School. She is enjoying the extracurricular activities, and had the chance to join the Math Team on their first meet.

Lastly, Mrs. Veracka, teaching Geometry, Precalculus, and Statistics, was a student at Nashoba. “I experienced it[Nashoba life] as a student, though many things were different then, and now I get to experience it as a teacher.  There is so much school spirit here and I love being a part of that!”

She has worked as a tutor, private school teacher, and software engineer at Mathworks, Inc. and now she is back at Nashoba, where she has become a quick favorite of students.

The Science Department was also fortunate enough to gain two new members; Ms. Pishook and Ms. Bullard.  Ms. Bullard is teaching Environmental Science and Biology this year, and reports “that Nashoba is full of both staff and students who are always willing to help you, and smile while they do so.”

Mrs. Kortegast is a new member of the office, and formerly worked as Special Education Secretary for the Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District. She commented on Nashoba, saying “Nashoba has been extremely welcoming so far, everyone from staff to students have been very nice.  I am impressed with the levels of School Pride and the sense of community I have felt so far.”

Mrs. Hoag is a welcomed addition to the nursing staff. She is helping to keep both the staff and students safe and healthy while at school.

In the Business Department, Mrs. Carpenter is teaching Accounting, Introduction to Business, and Computer Applications. “Everyone has been very welcoming,” she commented, “and I have to give a shout out to my Tech/Business Department for taking me in and showing me the ropes.” She has worked for the past 9 years working in both Corporate and Small Business environments, so she is well qualified to teach her students all about the world of business.

Lastly, Miss Donato, our new Special Ed teacher, is enjoying teaching at Nashoba. Before Nashoba, she previously worked as a substitute teacher in Hudson, Massachusetts. After being asked what her thoughts were of Nashoba life so far, she responded “The students are great and all of the staff I have worked with have been supportive and friendly.”

New teachers are important to the success and development of the Nashoba Regional High School. This year, we have received twelve amazing additions to our school community, and they are impressed with our hard work and friendliness. Keep up the good work Nashoba, and make sure to give our new staff a strong and encouraging welcome.