How to Pre-register to Vote

How to Pre-register to Vote

Grace Fiori, Contributing Editor

This presidential election has definitely been opinionated- stirring the emotions of a lot of people who are eager to vote for the version of America that they want. For those under eighteen, many may be wishing that they could vote in the election. While eighteen is the legal voting age, there is a way to pre-register to vote as early as sixteen years old. So, be ready when the next election comes around and help choose this election’s successor by going to the polls.

Not many people know that they can pre-register themselves to be on the voting list when they turn sixteen in Massachusetts. While the legal age to vote in an election is eighteen, getting registered early ensures that everyone can vote when the time comes. This way, there is no excuse to not vote in the polls, and no need to stress about getting set up in time. This method helps improve the turnout rates of young adults, who have the lowest voter turnout rate of all.

So, how can one pre-register to vote?

In Massachusetts, anyone who is sixteen or older must fill out a form for voter registration and give it to their local election official. Once they have done that, the official will place their name on a list of people who are pre-registered. Then, when they turn eighteen and the next presidential election comes around they will be automatically moved to the list of registered voters and they can cast their own ballot. There is also the option of registering online, which can be done in under five minutes and is often a lot more convenient.

This may seem like a lot of work, but forms are offered everywhere, and the Internet can be accessed just as easily! Forms can also be picked up at the RMV, for those who are interested in filling out a more substantial paper document. So, those under eighteen, don’t feel hopeless! Register to vote early so when the time comes, it’s possible to vote for the America that you want.